Article Ideas for Your Website

I’ve talked before about how important it is to update your website content. For SEO purposes, Google likes to see fresh content.

One of the ideas is to write articles and post those on your site. In this case, you simply share some of your expertise with your customers.

Remember that, for search engine optimization, you want to write articles that include the kinds of words and phrase your customers will be searching on. But as I’ve said before, don’t force it. As long as you’re writing about your products or services, you’ll probably include those terms naturally without even thinking about it.

Now, if you’re stuck on what to write about, here are some ways to generate ideas for articles.

The “How to” Article

One of the best things you can include on your site is tips on how to use your products, how to get the most out of a product, how to choose a product, or how to do something that involves using your product or engaging your services.

People love tips, and you do them a favor by giving them a little more information than might be included in a manual or other official documentation they get from you. Consider something like the following:

“How to Extend the Life of Your XT-354 Water Softener”

“How to Choose the Supplements That Are Right for You”

“How to Design a Business Card-Sized Ad”

“How to Start a Garden on a Shoestring Budget”

“How to Boost Your Income With a Home-Based Business”

Whatever you sell, or whatever your website is about, you can always come up with tips for people who have an interest in what you offer.

The “Why” Article

Another brainstorming technique for coming up with article ideas is to start the title with the word “Why” and think about what your customers want to know about. What subjects do they have questions about that you can enlighten them on?

For example ...

“Why Your Feet Hurt, Even in $100 Shoes”

“Why Your Vitamins Aren’t Giving You What You Need”

“Why the XT-354 Water Softener is Rated #1 by Our Customers”

“Why Golf Courses Love These Golf Ball Washers”

“Why You’re Not Sleeping As Well As You Should”

The Case Study Article

Your customers want to be assured that what you offer will work for them. Plus, people like stories. You can combine these ideas by writing case studies describing how other customers have benefited from using your products or services.

A typical case study might follow this outline:

  • Describe the customer’s problem, need or situation
  • Include what options they were considering
  • Tell why they decided to buy from you
  • Describe the results they got, or what they were able to achieve
  • If possible, include a statement or two from the customer
  • Use AI test automation tools

If you name them in the article, you’ll need to get permission to use their story. That can makes these trickier to write, but they can be powerful testimonials.

The ideas above should at least get you started in coming up with article ideas. Search engine optimization is an ongoing endeavor, so you should always be looking for content to add to your site.

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