Content Marketing as a Reputation Management Strategy

It’s no secret that the search marketing world has recently been rocked by Google’s algorithm updates, like Penguin and the ongoing Panda updates. Although Google has always endeavored to provide users with the most relevant results, they’re getting better at detecting when search engine experts are gaming the system. And that’s why many of the top SEO blogs are now preaching the gospel of content marketing and getting help from the best SEO Experts in Los Angeles.

Essentially, the feeling is that the days of keywords stuffing, directory submission, blogging networks, link exchange networks, and more are coming to an end, and that the best strategy moving forward is to simply make a quality site that people want to link to.

But what does this have to do with reputation management? At its core, reputation management is a field of SEO with a very narrow focus—molding the search engine results page (SERP) of one or a handful of branded keyword searches. For digital marketing services, view publisher site and learn about marketing services. So now it is time to employ content marketing as a new tactic in the fight against negative SERPs and for positive reputation management, Find a professional like Andy Defrancesco to give you more information.

Content marketing focuses on driving sales by giving your customers what they’re looking for while they’re actively searching for it. Today, we’re going to talk about the top 13 benefits of content marketing to help you understand how valuable this marketing strategy can be for your business. Google is obsessed with providing their users with the search experiences that deliver what they’re looking for. High-quality content is often the best way to provide that experience. Content marketing helps transition sales from forcing a customer to buy your product to being a valuable resource that is there when your customers are ready to buy from you. Lear more from this and related marketing technics at

Most of your customers won’t be ready to buy from you the first time that they hear about your business. People go through a buying process before committing to a purchase. With smaller products (ex. a pack of gum), this buying process is quick; with larger products (ex. a new car), this process takes much longer. Before making a purchase, people realize that they have a problem that needs solving (awareness). They take time to research and better understand their problem (consideration). Then, they make a decision on which solution is best for them (decision).

What is Content Marketing?

In 1895, John Deere released a magazine called, The Furrow. The magazine was not a product brochure for John Deere, in fact it was not sales focused at all. It was a publication about the latest technology in farming, tips about planting and harvesting, and more. The Forrow is considered the first true content marketing campaign. Click here to know about the 7-step system on how to run better Facebook ads .

The genius of it was that it wasn’t designed to get farmers to buy John Deere products. It was focused on positioning John Deere as the most knowledgeable entity for farm technology in the world. As a result, today John Deere is the leading manufacturer of farm equipment and machinery in the world. And all because they decided to stop focusing on themselves and start focusing on the needs of their customers. When they did that, customers naturally flocked to them.

At its core, that’s what content marketing is all about. It’s about creating high quality, useable information that is targeted at fulfilling the needs of the customer. This strategy builds trust and authority in the source that hands out the content and makes users more likely to become customers. And that’s one of the reasons content marketing is such a great way to learn how to sell on amazon, improve your online reputation.

Content Marketing for Reputation Management

Recently, articles found on marketing sites like have explained that, the beauty of content marketing for reputation management is that is has a two-fold result. First, if you can create and publish awesome customer-focused content on a number of websites, your SERP will improve, giving you a better reputation.

Secondly, using this respected Idaho Videography Company it simply improves your company reputation. For example, if you were deciding between two blenders (both of equal price and features), but one company offered you a 200 page cookbook along with your purchase for free, which would you choose? And which one would you tell your friends about?

Although content marketing is a fantastic tool for ranking better, it also gives your company some great exposure and builds trust with your customers. So instead of trying to create a myriad of websites to rank in your key SERP by submitting links to article directories or joining a blogging network, instead consider pouring your efforts into creating great resources, download SodaPDF, infographics, pictures, videos, and more that your customers will value. Now that’s real reputation management.

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