3 Reasons Marketing Professionals Should Be Aware of Their Company’s Online Reputation

Although the sales team may close each sale, they owe a large part of each sale to the creativity and hard work of the marketing team. And today, marketing is both easier and harder than ever. Thanks to the rise of the internet and the high number of people online, marketers have tools and avenues open to them for contacting and interacting with customers that they never have before. Using strategies like search marketing with SEO firm in Melbourne and tools like social media, marketing professionals can decrease their budgets and increase their customer base at the same time. Marketing a unique business, why? Marketing is everything an organization does to build a relationship between the company and consumer. Marketing attracts prospects, prospects become buyers, and buyers provide profit. But marketing is more than just putting your business name out into the world.

However, there is also a downside. It is now easier than ever for individual customers to access negative information about your company online. And it is also easier for any dissatisfied customer to write an untruthful or damaging review of your company’s products or services and persuade other customers to shy away without even getting to know your business.

This ease of access to negative information about your company is the main reason your marketing department should be concerned about your company’s online reputation. But more than that, here are three reasons the marketing department should get involved in reputation management.

1. Customers don’t have to dig deep

As mentioned before, thanks to the ease of access to information in today’s society, customers don’t have to look very far to find out about your company’s reputation or be misled by an angry review on a former customer’s blog. In many cases, if a potential customer searches for your company name online and they see one or two negative results, they may never even visit your website—where you’ve put all marketing messages, ready to convert them. But by paying attention to your online reputation and employing a solid reputation management strategy, you can get as many people to your website as possible.

2. Customers read reviews

Did you know that when a potential customer searches for your company name online and they see negative reviews in the results, they are more likely to click and read the negative reviews first, before visiting your official website? Customers read reviews—especially bad ones. And they tend to believe them. If you have negative reviews showing up on the first page of a Google search for your company name, may help your business, being one reason why you should consider promoting your roofing business on google. So now is the time to look into effective reputation management strategies and push those negative reviews down.

3. Customers purchase on trust

If a customer doesn’t trust your company, they won’t buy from you—even if you have the lowest price. That’s why it is vitally important for you to remove any obstacle out of your customers’ way. When your customers are searching or you online and seeing negative content, the seed is planted in their mind that your company may not be trustworthy. But the truth is, you are. You just need to co a little clean up so your customers don’t get the wrong impression before they even learn more about you. We're the best lead generation company servicing the lehigh valley.

As a marketer, you are not just making sure your customers know your name, you are also building a brand as well as emotions and values associated with that brand. You don’t want a few negative reviews to destroy the image you’ve worked so hard to create. Take a look at your online reputation today and, if you need to, start thinking about reputation management strategies you can employ to safeguard your company’s reputation from all kinds of online attacks.

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