Online Reputation has a Dramatic Effect on Revenue

Recently a company asked for my expertise to help improve their online reputation. When potential customers searched on their company name, seven out of the top ten search engine rankings were negative. After careful review of their rankings, and prior year revenues, I determined that they were probably losing over $1,500,000 a year in sales due to negative search engine results. The company confirmed the fact that my estimates were indeed accurate — but low.

Why Online Reputation Management?

Today, the most common method to find out more about a company is to do a Google search, and evaluate the results. Due to the way Google ranks websites many companies are plagued with negative forum posts, articles and other uncomplimentary content about their business.

The goal of online reputation management is to help companies clean up their top ten rankings by performing search engine optimization (SEO) on websites that are positive to the business, which in turn push the negative sites down, and out of the top ten rankings.

Don’t Fight Back

Many negative posts for a company’s brand come through forums. One of the worst things you can do is to constantly write rebuttals against these negative posts. Every time you access a negative site and post a comment you’re giving them more content that the searches engines quickly discover — and in turn this will help the negative rise in the search engine rankings. It can be very difficult, but resist the temptation to fight back.

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