don_sorensen2Hi, my name is Don Sorensen. Most likely you found my website through a Google search, and you're dealing with online reputation issues that are negatively effecting your business or personal reputation. Be assured that if you do nothing, these problems will NOT go away.

I have been fixing, improving and protecting the online reputation of companies and individuals for over ten years. I have worked with high profile companies losing millions of dollars a year due to reputation issues, and individuals plagued with negative press.
The most basic strategy of online reputation management is moving negative websites off the first page of Google. We are very successful at doing just that. Over the last ten years my team has developed unique methods for helping websites with positive content move up in the search results, in order to push down negative websites. We are constantly modifying our methods in order to keep up with Google's constantly changing algorithms. We also have discovered premium web properties that consistently rank high in Google where we can place articles about our clients.

I am happy to speak with you about how our services can fix your online reputation issues.

Call me directly at: 801-592-3396